Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Moving through the many islands of the Grenadines...

Iguanas hoping to share our lunch at Palm Island
After lots of diving in Bequia and visiting with new friends, we decided to escape to a secluded place for a slower pace. We anchored with only two other boats in sight in Tobago Cays. This is a group of small, deserted islands protected from the sea by a huge reef called "Horseshoe Reef." We loved snorkeling with the many turtles who let us get pretty close without making a hasty retreat. We also saw many large Southern Rays there, as well as a few Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks.
Look closely at the top right corner and there's part of a pretty large Nurse Shark. 

Turtles everywhere!

This was our backyard for several days.
Map showing St Vincent down to Grenada

 Our next brief stop was to Mayreau, where we stayed one night in Salt Whistle Bay.

Our friend, Heiko, from S Africa is kite surfing

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