Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Amazing Diving in Bequia!!!

Ricky and I have recorded almost 100 dives in the Caribbean, and we're always looking for great diving when we visit the islands. Unfortunately hurricanes in the past few years have reeked havoc on the coral in most of our favorite dive sites. Well, not so in Bequia! We dove 4 different sites and were pleasantly surprised. My underwater photos aren't great, but here are a few...
French Angelfish watching me watch her

Sunken Ship at Devil's Table - So Many Fish!!!

One of my favorites, Smooth Trunk Fish

Baby Drum swimming over Brain Coral

 Most of our friends have never heard of Bequia. It's near St. Vincent, and is still somewhat of a sleepy fishing village, isolated enough to be unspoiled. The fishermen still have a whaling season and hunt the whales in open sailing boats with hand-thrown harpoons. They also build traditional wooden fishing boats on the beach under the palm trees.
Admiralty Bay

Typical style cottage

Rather isolated community of Moonhole, founded by late American architect Tom Johnson, originally built under a natural arch known as "Moonhole." It was abandoned when a large boulder fell and crushed the ceiling, landing on the empty bed. Other houses have been added over the years with similar style: no straight lines or right angles, no glass in the windows, lovely outdoor patios, huge arches, and fantastic views. It is now a vacation destination.

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