Monday, August 21, 2017


Spinyhead Blenny 1"

I've been spending a lot of time snorkeling while Ricky takes care of boat maintenance, so this is a taste of what I've found literally under our boat or nearby. If you're not really looking for the tiny fish, crabs and other interesting creatures, you will pass them without a clue. But I have a very detailed book, Reef Creature Identification,that helps me search out the things that are normally overlooked, like this adorable blenny (right) looking out of a hole in brain coral. 

Spinyhead out of his hole

Ciliated False Squilla 3"- Can change color and markings

Tiny Brittle Star - found under rocks in shallow water

There are many different kinds of blennies - 2-4" long

Rough Fireclams

Pair of Flamingo Tongues 1" long
Slate-Pencil Urchin about 4" - Look at the beautiful flower design in the center!

Christmas Tree Worms 1 1/2"

These Squid let me take all the pictures I wanted, which is uncommon 

Arrow Crab - very common on reefs

Cleaner Goby 1-2"
This baby Lionfish is in my fishbowl. So cute!!!
Spot-Winged Comb Jelly 2-3"

Spotted Seahare 3-6"

Mysterious Headshield Slug 2"

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp 1"

Tiny Baby Highhat in the Drum Family

Warty Sidegill Slug on a bottle
Warty Sidegill Slug found under a rock

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  1. Always enjoy your updates, Robin. Thanks for sharing again!