Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Family and Friends Visit Always Sunday

Good friends Joe and Julie Bouligny (Lafayette, LA) texted us one morning to see if we were sailing anywhere near St. Lucia because they were on a cruise ship docked there for one day only. Luck would have it that we had just arrived in St. Lucia to pick up my niece, so we were able to have lunch together and let them see our boat for a few hours. 

Sharon Wright, our niece, arrived in St. Lucia mid-January for three glorious weeks sailing to ten different islands. The beautiful Pitons are in the background.

Uncle Ricky showing Sharon the new electronics

Sailing into Iles des Saints

       One of our favorite places on Guadeloupe is the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Deshaies                         (pronounced Days-ay). I could spend hours there taking photos of flowers and birds!

St. Barts is a busy place with lots of boats, great restaurants and shopping

Work hard all day, play hard all night!!!

We joined the throngs of crazy people who visit Maho Beach
 in St. Martin to take photos of the airplanes
landing right overhead. Then, when the planes take off,
you get sandblasted. Are we having fun yet?

One of our favorite ruins on the island of Nevis is the Cottle Church, built in 1824 by English planter Thomas John Cottle as the first church in the Caribbean for all people to worship together, regardless of colour or nationality. It's a story that truly inspires.
Filming site of Calypso's House, the sea goddess in Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest - Indian River on Dominica

Hiking in Dominica
Climbing the rocks up to a waterfall on Guadeloupe

Martinique is the beautiful French Island known as the birth place of the Empress Josephine. We walked through the ruins of what was a magnificent theatre in St. Pierre, once called Little Paris. The whole city, at that time the commercial, cultural and social center of Martinique, was buried when Mt. Pelee erupted in 1902, killing 30,000 people. The volcano gave several warnings, even sending enough ash down to kill birds and animals a week before it erupted. Two men survived: Leon Leandre, a cobbler, and the infamous Cyparis, in prison for murder.
Telling secrets on the front of the boat. Please come back soon, Sharon! WE MISS YOU!!!

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