Monday, October 10, 2016


It's been 4 years since we were last in Grenada. Actually, it was our last family vacation with Danielle, and it was so special. We left on Christmas Day in 2012 with our niece Sharon (Danielle's other half) and the four of us spent an awesome time aboard a 45' leased catamaran with air conditioning!!! And so returning to these lovely Grenadine Islands has been bittersweet as all those wonderful memories with Danielle and Sharon come flooding back; watching them swing in the red hammock on the front of the boat, playing Banana Grams at night, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, enjoying God's fabulous creation.....

We needed to give Always Sunday some special attention, so she was hauled out at Spice Island Marine Services to have her bottom painted and some additional repairs done. When you live on a boat, there's always something that needs work. Instead of camping on the boat out of the water, which is not very pleasant, we checked into The Grenadian Rex Resort for a long weekend and rented a car so we could check on boat repairs daily and buy provisions, and go to church on Sunday with our new boat friends Mike and Roycelyn Bowman from West Monroe, Louisiana. We loved being at the Rex with all meals included and afternoon tea and sandwiches. The staff was top of the line, the food was really well prepared, and I'm sure I gained a few pounds with desert 4 times a day. Who can pass it up when it's all inclusive!  

Downtown Granada where the cruise ships come in.

Beach at the Grenadian Rex - it's off season so we had this all to ourselves! 

Always Sunday going back in the water after her paint job.

It's always great to meet fellow Christians and Louisianians - Mike and Roycelyn

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