Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We might have a favorite new anchorage after spending 5 delightful, peaceful days in the French islands known as The Saintes. The first little island we stayed at was Ilet a Cabrit, uninhabited except for wild goats and roosters, hens with their chicks running about. We think the name means Goat Island??? We hiked up to Fort Josephine, ruins of a French fort built in the late 1700's, and now occupied by the goats! We then visited the main island, Terre den Haut, and hiked up to visit the magnificently restored Fort Napoleon, built in 1867, with a commanding view of the town and harbor. We were very impressed with the extensive collections in the museum housed in the fort.

Fort Napoleon, c1867

We also had a lot of fun diving in The Saintes, and were happy to be able to try out our new scuba gear. It's very hard to get great photos underwater, but here are a few decent shots. They do not show all the beautiful colors and patterns and designs in every piece of coral, or the intricate details of even the smallest of fish.
I think these are Horse-Eye Jacks

One of my favorites - Foureye Butterfly Fish