Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On May 19, 2016 (exactly 7 years to the day that we left in 2009 to buy our first boat in Panama!), Ricky and I flew to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands to purchase our second catamaran. We kept the name of our first boat, Always Sunday, because we had such an amazing time living aboard for 14 months, and our new boat came with the name Tequila ( I've never even tasted Tequila).
Because this is our second cruising experience, it was easier to pack things from home to bring with us, but much harder to actually provision this time because our first boat was stocked with most items needed to live on the boat, like dishes, pots and pans, and extra boat parts. The new boat, although three years old, came with nothing, and so we have spent the last two months having work done and taking major shopping excursions (with lists a mile long) to outfit the new boat. We plan to stay in the Caribbean for the first year, then we really want to visit South America and then, hopefully, on to the South Pacific in time.


  1. Wishing you Safe Saling and Adventures Galore. 😊😎❤️✝⚓️

  2. Thanks for the blog. I will enjoy exploring the world through your eyes!